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Diabetic Compounding

Better Value Pharmacy can help you manage your diabetes.  

At Better Value Pharmacy, we are committed to helping our diabetic patients manage their self-care.  We truly believe that we can help improve our patient’s lives through choices, knowledge and support. That is way we have a special section in our pharmacy dedicated to diabetic patients.

At Better Value Pharmacy you can find all of your medications and supplies as well as meal planners, nutritional literature, and diabetes wellness brochures. But most importantly, you will find our knowledgeable, caring pharmacists to support and encourage you each time you walk through our door or call for information.

And when you need help of a more serious nature, such as circulation, wound healing or pain management, our specialized compounding pharmacists are available to work with you and your physician to prepare custom-made medications to meet your needs. 

For a list of prescription compound medications suited for diabetic’s needs, click here.

Prescription Compound Treatment Options

Enhance Circulation
Nifedipine 2% – 16%

Topical Ulcers

Erectile Dysfunction

Pain Management
C/G/K, Ketoprofen, etc.

Skin Lesions
Topical Arginine

In addition to a diabetic patient’s special diet there are important nutritional supplements that could improve your health.  

For a list of diabetes nutritional supplements, click here.

Diabetes Nutritional Supplements

Wound healing can be a major problem for diabetic patients.  Better Value Pharmacy has been very effective in treating even the toughest to heal wounds. For a special wound healing prescription sheet for your doctor, click here.

We understand that a diagnosis of diabetes is a life-changing event for most people. We want to help. Our mission is to encourage you to make the right lifestyle choices and stay on track with your treatment plan to create a healthier, happier life.

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