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Azeo-Pangen (Raw Pancreas Enzyme Concentrate) 270tab

Azeo-Pangen is a comprehensive enzyme complex that helps promote healthy digestive function. Delivers protease activity that breaks down protein, amylase activity that breaks down carbohydrate, and lipase activity that breaks down fat. As a whole pancreas concentrate, it also supplies peptidases, nucleases, and elastases. Processed under special conditions so that the delicate enzyme constituents remain intact. An enzymatic analysis is performed on each batch by a third-party laboratory.

Three tablets with each meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Three tablets supply : Calcium150.00 mg Phosphorus114.00 mg Protease156000.00 USP Amylase156000.00 USP Lipase24960.00 USP

Price: $60.00

Sku: azeopan270

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