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Sterile Injectable Compounding

At Better Value Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy, sterile custom-made prescription medicines are prepared in a state-of-the-art clean room containing a microsphere. Four glove or custom design microenvironment, in positive or negative pressure, class 10 (M2.5), laminar flow for all pharmacy injectable. Our pharmacists have specialized training in aseptic technique and compounding and follow strict aseptic procedures.

All sterile compounding is performed by a pharmacist who is responsible to make sure every aspect of sterile compounding, from the proper storage of chemicals to sterility testing of the finished product, is followed according to aseptic protocol.

Sterility testing is done on all of our sterile compounds, designated as “high risk” by the United States Pharmacopoeia, prior to being dispensed to the patient. All testing is documented and maintained on file, which can give the physician confidence in the quality of our sterile preparations.

Sterile Products

In addition to the sterile pain medications compounded in our aseptic lab, we also compound a wide variety of other sterile products including intravenous and subcutaneous injections, ophthalmic solutions and irrigation solutions.  Some examples include:

Intravenous antibiotics ( * )
Injections – aqueous and oil vehicles
Ophthalmic solutions and ointments
IV admixtures
Inhalation solutions
Bladder irrigating solutions
Vitamin / mineral injections

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