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Over the Counter

Advil 200mg 100cap
Price: $10.87

Children’s Advil (suspension) Fever
Price: $7.19

Bengay Ultra Strength Cream
Price: $6.19

Claritin Liquid Gels
Price: $25.47

Mucinex Expectorant
Price: $13.69

Price: $14.99

Genuine Aspirine 325mg 50tab
Price: $5.63

Bayer Chewable Low Dose (81mg)
Price: $3.39

PediaCare® Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold
Price: $8.29

Zegerid OTC
Price: $29.00

Chloraseptic Sore throat Spray
Price: $6.99

Prevacid 24HR 42 CAP
Price: $29.79

Halls ProHealth Defense
Price: $5.37

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