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Nasal Clear Aspirator

NasalClear® is a new battery operated nasal aspirator. It quickly, easily, and safely clears your baby?s stuffy nose and helps her breathe more freely. The NasalClear® aspirator provides you with suction that is stronger than that of a traditional manual aspirator, yet gentle enough to use safely and comfortably on your newborn or toddler. Battery operation lets you control the suction, so that you maintain the suction or release it as needed. It comes apart for easy and thorough cleaning and is dishwasher safe. NasalClear® includes a plastic collection cup that helps you evaluate your baby?s level of congestion. Also, the aspirator plays 12 different children?s tunes to help distract the baby while in use. It requires AA batteries (not included).

Price: $40.37

Sku: nasalclear

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