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Milk Thistle 60 cp by Nature’s Way

Premium extract standardized 80% silymarin dietary supplement health & longevity through the healing power of nature that’s what it means to trust the leaf. Milk thistle extract is standardized to 80% silymarin, the key constituent that exerts a protective effect against substances potentially harmful to the liver. Recommendation take 1 capsule three times daily with food or water.

Supplement facts:

Serving size 1 capsule Servings per container 60 Blessed thistle 180 mg,(stem, leaf, flower),Milk thistle, dried extract 175 mg, (seed) standardized to 80% Silymarin, Other Ingredients: Millet, gelatin (capsule)

Did you know? Nature’s Way standardized Milk thistle extract is a technically advanced herbal product Standardization

assures specific, measurable levels of important compounds that provide beneficial activity in the body. Expiration date Approx. 3 years after the date of purchase.

Dimensions: 1x1x4

Price: $13.75

Sku: milkthistle

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