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Cenitol® Powder 30 Servings

Cenitol supports a healthy mood and overall nervous system function by featuring inositol—an important, naturally occurring component of cell membranes. Cenitol also supplies magnesium in the form of a fully reacted amino acid chelate designed for enhanced nervous system support.

Provides excellent support for healthy brain and nervous system function. May support a positive mood by serving as a second messenger for several neurotransmitters. Important in regulating vital cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell proliferation and differentiation, and osmoregulation. Promotes healthy nerve tissue synthesis and nerve conduction. Supplied in powder form for ease of delivery and enhanced dosing flexibility. Mix one scoop in water or juice one to three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

One Scoop (7.4 g) Supplies: Magnesium (as magnesium bis-glycinate†)200.00 mg Inositol (as myo-inositol)4.00 g Citric acid 800.00 mg Other Ingredient: Cellulose

MetaMag™, our proprietary fully reacted magnesium amino acid chelate: U.S. Patent No. 5,516,925Albion®.

Price: $33.00

Sku: cenitol

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