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Cal Matrix 180T by Metagenics

Nutritional Support for Bone and Joint Integrity Cal Matrix provides a unique blend of MCHC, vitamin D, glucosamine sulfate, targeted minerals, horsetail, and vitamin C for collagen, bone matrix, and joint support. Helps maintain normal joint strength and function by supporting healthy bone density and cartilage matrix integrity.

Delivers essential nutrients that naturally comprise healthy skeletal and connective tissue.


Microcrystalline Hydroxyptite Concentrate (MCHC) 2688 mg Calcium (as MCHC and dicalcium phosphate) 1224mg Phosphorus (as MCHC and dicalcium phosphate) 774 mg Glucosamine Sulfate (as D-glucosamine sulfate KCl) 500 mg Vitamin C (as Ultra Potent-C) 500mg

Niacin (as niacinamide ascorbate) 18 mg

Manganese (as manganese glycinate)1 mg
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 400 UI

Magnesium (as magnesium bis-glycinate*) 220mg Zinc (as zinc glycinate) 15 mg

Copper (as copper glycinate) 2mg

Boron (as boron citrate) 390mcg

Chromium (as chromium nicotinate glycinate) 240 mcg HERBS: Horsetail Aerial Parts (Equisetum arvense) 600mg (natural source of silica)


Six tablets daily.


180 Tablet Bottle

Dimensions: 3x3x4

Price: $53.80

Sku: calmatrix

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