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Buying A Shower Chair

Armrests and back support

For the convenience of the users, getting the product that comes with the armrest and back support is highly recommended. This feature provides added stability along with increased comfort for the users. Depending on different types and models of the chairs, you can freely choose between the removable and non-removable options of the armrest and back support based on your own preference.


The chair should be tall enough, so that your feet can be placed flat on the floor, with your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Choosing the shower chair that offers the chance of adjusting to the right height is also ideal, too. Choosing the product that offers you choices is certainly a wise decision.


Since the legs of each chair offer the sturdiness to the chair as a whole, you should look for a nice chair, which is attached with non-slip rubbers. Therefore, safety is increased, and the chances of slipping are eliminated, too. It is also a wise choice to choose the product that holds firm to the floor. So, you can easily hold the chair for balance.


A good shower seat should be comfortable, slip-resistant and wide enough to fit the user. Padded or contoured, most bath seats have drainage holes to prevent water from building up as well as prevent accidents. The waterproof seat in a chair is highly recommended as well, so you don’t need to worry if the water can corrode any part of the chair. The seat should be wide enough to support users of different sizes.

Weight Capacity

A good bath seat definitely needs to support the user’s weight. We suggest you check the capacity that the product can hold before making the purchase, as the chair that isn’t compatible with the user’s weight is very dangerous. Since the chairs available on the market today mostly are capable of supporting the weight of up to 300 lbs.

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